Better Things


These are just some of the “better things” believers receive at the moment we are saved in this age. They are what makes our relationship with Jesus Christ and our Christian life so incredible. They are shown here just to give you an idea what you can have if you meet both of Jesus Christ’s desires for the human race stated in 1 Timothy 2:4: to be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth - Believe in Me – Think Like Me. They are discussed on some of the pages of the Desires of Christ web site but not in detail. That is beyond the scope of that web site. Detailed teaching of these things can be obtained from any of the churches listed under the Suggested Links on the left side of the Desires of Christ web site.

This shows our eternal and temporal relationship with God and what we share with Christ.


    Top and Bottom Circles

The solid line around the top circle indicates it is a permanent relationship that believers enter at the moment they are saved. The believer shares Christ’s righteousness among many other things. This eternal relationship can never be lost. The believer can never get out of the top circle.

The bottom circle shows the power provided for believers to live the Christian life. The broken line shows that utilizing this power depends on the consistent use of our volition.



This is the grace method God has provided for us to learn His Word i.e. to assimilate the thinking of Christ into our souls. 


The power source for the GPS is the filling of the Holy Spirit shown in the bottom circle of the above illustration.



This depicts the grace means of how we advance to spiritual maturity.


The underlying power for the advance to spiritual maturity is the GPS shown in the illustration above.



This is a list of 40 “better things” we receive at the moment we accept Christ as Savior. It includes those things depicted in the other 3 illustrations.